Vegan Church offers vegan christians of different dominations the opportunity to meet and to connect their faith and vegan lifestyle.

It is our desire to bring vegan Christians together, to encourage and inspire them from a cosmocentric Biblical vision. God’s love for all creation is central.

Vegan Church is not a new church: when you’re a member of a religious community, parish or church, you can become a friend of Vegan Church.

This way we want to inspire churches and parishes to be open minded and look freshly at stewardship the way God gave it to humanity and to share Gods love for all that lives.

The following words characterize VC:

Personal: personal attention for and active involvement in each other, e.g. in a Vegan Church group and during potluck dinners or other activities.

Plant-based: transferring knowledge of and attention to plant-based food and vegan life style through vegan (cooking) workshops and meals.

Pure faith: being able to be yourself from your faith or life vision, being inspired by the life of and with Jesus Christ.

Vegan Church was initiated by Sandra and Anja Hermanus-Schröder, Jantine van der Tang en Gitta Zwijnenburg. The foundation was set up at August 26th 2015.


Wij zijn – net als jij – heel gewone mensen

En we zijn net als de dieren, het gras en de wolken, geschapen door God. De opdracht om goede rentmeesters van de schepping te zijn proberen we zo goed mogelijk uit te voeren. Daarom volgen we een plantaardige lifestyle, waarbij de dieren mogen leven naar hun aard en de aarde niet wordt uitgeput.

Health, justice and empathy are key values for me. The vegan lifestyle enriches my being a christian.
Picked up wounded and sick animals from the street as a child. Out of love for the Creator I feel compassion for His whole creation.
Vegan to prevent animal suffering. In addition, the effects on your own health are remarkable.
People person & animal lover, committed vegan and happy christian, thinking out of the box, theologian.

What is it that we do?

We organize protests to defend Gods creation, we cook the best plant-based meals to let you taste animal friendly food, we celebrate life in small groups, we organize pop-up church services on special occasions and locations and we write articles. And last but not least we enjoy life, because it’s the best gift you can get. That’s what we wish for every human being and animal.