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Vegan Church is a platform that offers vegan christians of different denominations the opportunity to meet each other and to connect their faith with their vegan lifestyle.

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“Because the love for God’s creation enriches your life.”

Maria Tiqwah van Eldik


Vegan Church is buzzing with vegan activities! 

You’ll find our stand at all kinds of events. We talk to visitors, give information and lend an ear. Besides that we make our voices heard at protests and demonstrations. We strive for a just world with passion.
We pay attention to the practical side of a plant-based lifestyle through cooking workshops, demonstrations and joint meals. We want to show that healthy and delicious food is possible, without animal suffering. Surprise yourself and discover the large and colorful variety of plant based food available!
Once a month we gather in small groups across the Netherlands. We have dinner together, pray, share bread and grape juice, take a walk and have a Bible study on (current) themes such as hunting and eating meat in the Bible, stewardship, etc. You’re welcome to join us on a celebration!
With the pop-up church we hold church services on location throughout the Netherlands. During the service both the beauty and suffering of creation are given space. We want to inspire people who believe or people who are seeking in a modern approachable way and give them a positive experience.
We voice our opinion on current themes. You will be challenged and encouraged to think. We will surprise you with new insights from a Biblical perspective. Do you dare to examine your own views? Read our blogs, thoughts and inpiring articles!
God loves all of His creation, including the animals. In our current society animals are exploited and abused on every level. By choosing a vegan lifestyle (which means you don’t eat or use anything of animal origin) we don’t contribute to animal suffering, but give glory to God’s creation.

Genesis 1:20-25 en 6:19
Psalm 36:7 en 148:7-10
Proverbs 12:10

We have the responsability to take good care of our body. That is possible through healthy, varied, plant-based food. God’s Original food plan was plant-based and it will be that way in the future. By choosing a healthy lifestyle you honor God with your body.

Genesis 1: 29
Daniel 1: 8-16
Isaiah 11:1-9
1 Corinthians 6:19

Jesus teaches us love and compassion, for ourself and everything around us. From that source and from our heart we want to handle creation with care. Not do any damage to human beings, animals, nature and environment, but live as just as possible.

Matthew 22 : 39
John 3: 16

Animals in the cattle industry need an enormous amount of food. This plant food (soy, corn, etc.) is grown on a massive scale. If farmland and crops are used to feed humans instead, this will contribute to decrease the world food problem.

Matthew 19:19
Matthew 25:31-46

God calls us to good stewardship. This means we are responsible to take good care of the earth, in every aspect. Good care for human beings, good care for animals, good care for nature and the environment. In this way we can fully honour God.

Genesis 2:15
Psalms 8
Romans 8


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